Areas of Practice

The Law Office of Rhame & Elwood primarily practices in Porter County, Lake County and LaPorte County, Indiana. Rhame & Elwood provides legal services in multiple areas of the law including: Criminal Representation, Family Law, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Wills, Trusts and Estates, Mediation and Municipal Law

Rhame & Elwood has provided these legal services for over 32 years. Over that time, Rhame & Elwood has built and strives to continue to build a solid reputation for top quality legal representation and advice.

Estate Planning

The Internet allows all of us access to pages and pages of unverified information
on many topics, and the Estate Planning subject is no exception. Rhame & Elwood
understands that a simple search on any popular search engine for “Estate Planning”,
“Last Will and Testament”, or “Power of Attorney” produces hundreds of websites
offering “do it yourself” forms for Wills, Trust, Living Wills, etc. We have reviewed
some of these websites and they all have a few things in common, a lengthy disclaimer
and general nonstate specific legal forms.

The disclaimers are all worded a little differently, however, they make the same
point, the website or business cannot actually give you legal advice. They can only
provide general information on a legal issue and then you decide what to do with the
information and paper work. In other words you do not have the opportunity to ask
questions concerning your specific family or financial circumstances and have an
Attorney help you weigh all the available options, in light of YOUR specific needs.
These websites provide lots of general information and forms with little or no insight or
the assurance that the information or forms are correct or even apply to Indiana.

The Attorneys at Rhame & Elwood offer information and legal advice, in light of
your circumstances and needs, and then you decide the best course of action. In order to
facilitate this exchange we provide a free Estate Planning Consultation.

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