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Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation is an accident insurance program paid by employers that may provide you with medical, rehabilitation and income benefits if you are injured while engaged in the course and scope of your employment. If you were injured on the job you may be entitled to one or all of these benefits. An employee is covered under worker's compensation from the first day on the job. The law requires that most businesses provide worker's compensation coverage to their employees. There are exceptions to the law that Rhame & Elwood would be able to explain if you are injured on the job and are unsure if you are entitle to benefits.

If you are involved in a work related accident and receive injuries, you should report that accident to your employer immediately. If you wait more than thirty (30) days to report the accident or injury you may jeopardize your entitlement to benefits. The benefits you may be entitled to receive include income benefits, medical treatment and rehabilitation. Income benefits, also called temporary total disability benefits, are paid if you are unable to return to work for more than seven days. If you are off for a period of at least twenty one days, you will also be paid fro the first seven days that you miss. The first payment is generally mailed fifteen days after the date of injury. The amount of the temporary total disability payment will be equal to 66 2/3% of your average weekly wage for the past 52 weeks. The maximum payment for any given week is $600.00 as of July 1, 2006.

Medical benefits are provided at the direction of the employer. This means that your employer or employers insurance carrier can choose physicians to treat you for your injuries. If you fail to cooperate with the employer or insurance carrier and do not attend appointments scheduled on your behalf you may jeopardize your entitlement to al worker's compensation benefits. If you are unhappy with the treatment being provided by you employer or employer's insurance carrier you have options. Indiana law provides that you can request an independent medical examination at certain points in your treatment and in some instances you may be able to obtain treatment from your own physician. If you are having difficulty with obtaining medical treatment or are not happy with the medical treatment you are receiving from your employer you may contact our office to discuss your options.

Indiana law does not require that you retain an attorney for work related injury however, the Worker's Compensation Act is very extensive and you should always consult with an attorney if you feel your rights are not being upheld.